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Claustrophobia is a scenario based Dungeon Crawl type of game with a quasi-fantasy theme that caters to 2 Players. That might sound quite different to the usual Dungeon Crawl fare and thankfully it is. In fact Claustrophobia is very much the breath of fresh air that the genre desperately needed and it is by far one of its greatest strengths.

Claustrophobia is set in the world of Hell Dorado, which is an existing RPG setting for Asmodee. I have little knowledge of this creation but it really isn’t important to enjoy this game. The rulebook graciously uses the inside of the front cover to offer a series of dated diary entries to provide a glimpse into the theme and story of the game, which really sets the scene for the events ahead.

Claustrophobia is set around the city of New Jerusalem. Below the city, ancient catacombs appear to be hiding a dark secret. The spawn of hell appear to be welling up in the murky and mysterious depths and led by mighty Demons, they serve as a threat to the great city and in turn humanity itself.

It is up to the Redeemer, a religious warrior blessed with divine powers, to lead a band of warriors to stem the tide of darkness. But your average warriors won’t be found here. Instead the Redeemer utilizes the skills of the Condemned warriors taken from prison that are given a simple choice fight the hordes or die.

Claustrophobia Contents:

• 1 26-page Rulebook (includes 6 scenarios)
• 17 pre-painted miniatures:
     o 1 Redeemer
     o 2 Condemned Brutes
     o 2 Condemned Blades for Hire
     o 1 Demon
     o 11 Troglodytes
• 36 Tunnel and Room tiles
• 12 black 6-sided dice

Additional Components for the Human Player:

• 5 Reference cards for the Humans
• 5 black plastic card stands
• 25 red plastic Damage tokens
• 6 Gift cards
• 6 Object cards
• 15 Advantage cards
• 1 Courage token
• 1 Blessing token

Additional Components for the Demon Player:

• 1 Board of Destiny
• 7 Reference cards for the Demons
• 16 Event cards
• 20 Threat Point tokens
• 10 Wound tokens
• 3 Hole in the Ground tokens
• 2 Tough Troglodyte tokens

Additional Scenario Specific Components:

• 4 Treasure tokens
• 3 Seal of Protection tokens
• 1 black 10-sided die

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