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Memoir '44: Air Pack Expansion



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From the Battle of Britain in the summer and fall of 1940, to the air bombing raids deep into Nazi territory and over Japanese cities in mid 945. The airplanes, pilots and the men and women who kept them flying, all had a profound impact on the outcome of the War and the bitterly fought ground battles thousands of feet beneath them.

The painted airplane miniatures that come with this expansion and the Air rules that accompany them invite you to climb in your seat, strap on your harness and take to the skies! Equipped with them, you will relive all the battles you've played to date, but with a twist; this time around, you will experience first hand of how different a fight can be, when seen and fought from the skies!

This pack includes three punchboards to help further round out and perfect the visual aspect of the battlefields, 120 card summary deck that describes in detail every single terrain, special rule and troop type.

Enjoy the many flight hours ahead of you...

Memoir '44 Air Pack Expansion Contents:

• 8 Painted Airplane Miniatures & their in-flight stand.
• An 80 page Air rules booklet, with 64 revised scenarios.
• 60 New double-sided Terrain tiles including campaign & winter airfields, desert & winter hills, gullies & trenches.
• 12 Round Markers, including airplane, exit and bomb crater markers.
• 6 New Obstacles, including 6 landing crafts, a bombed out bridge, an aircraft carrier, winter field bunkers & dragon teeth.
• 2 Air Sortie command cards
• 4 Nation cards
• 8 Airplane summary cards
• 10 Air Pack summary cards
• 15 Troops summary cards
• 19 Battle Star summary cards
• 62 Terrain summary cards

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