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Stone Age

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Players struggle to survive the Stone Age by working as hunters, collectors, farmers, and tool makers. As you gather resources, and raise animals, you work to build the tools needed to build your civilization.

Players use up to 10 tribe members each in 3 phases. The first phase players place their men in regions of the board that they think will benefit them, including the hunt, the trading center, or the quarry. In the second phase, the starting player activates each of his staffed areas in whatever sequence he chooses, followed in turn by the other players. In the third phase, players must have enough food available to feed their populations, or face losing resources or points.

Stone Age Contents:

• 1 Gameboard
• 4 Individual player boards
• 58 Wooden resources
• 40 Wooden people
• 8 Wooden markers in 2 sizes
• 53 Food tiles
• 28 Building tiles
• 18 Tool tiles
• 1 Start player figure
• 36 Civilization cards
• 7 Dice
• 1 Leather dice cup
• 1 Information sheet

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Rio Grande Games
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