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Witchling Stalkers are cheap and dangerous minions to add to your gang. Dealing out burning damage that does additional wounds if not put out, they also...
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Sonia Criid's box set contains six models, including Sonnia Criid herself. She is supported by her second in command, Samael Hopkins, a deadly bounty hunter...
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In this box you will find 193 unique Upgrades which are designed to be used in the Malifaux Campaign system. These Upgrades will help your Crew grow and...
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TWISTED ALTERNATIVES: TORTOISE & THE HARE ENCOUNTER BOX BY WYRD MINIATURES Tortoise and Hare, Winter and Spring. The battle between Genbu the Tortoise and...
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Charles Hoffman's box comes with six models, including Hoffman himself. The Watcher provides him with a quick, mobile construct that can quickly cover...
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This box set contains multi-part plastic components to make three Pistoleros De Latrigo for the Guild faction for your games of Malifaux. Please Note:...
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