Munchkin 3: Clerical Errors

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Munchkin 3 Clerical Errors has 112 more cards. Play a new race Gnomes! Try on the Bard class. Face the Tequila Mockingbird, the Bad Ass, and the dreaded Auntie Paladin! Equip yourself with amazing items like the Chainmail Bikini and the Stab-A-Matic and show them who's the mightiest, munchkinest dungeon delver of them all.

Munchkin 3 Clerical Errors is a supplement to Munchkin; you will need the original game to play. Or you could add it to a game of Munchkin, Munchkin Fu, or Munchkin Bites! instead, or mix them all together for a Munchkin fest of truly mind bending proportions!

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