Star Trek: Fleet Captains

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Each player begins play with a fleet of ships and starts at opposite ends of an unexplored sector of space. This sector of space is represented by hexegonal cards which are shuffled before play and placed face down in a predetermined pattern. As each ship progresses through the sector, you turn the tiles face up, revealing what is in that part of the sector. Hopefully you will discover and acquire resources while simultaneously denying them to your opponents.

When conflict inevitably breaks out, you and your opponents will battle it out for sector supremacy. Last fleet standing wins the sector for their respective faction.

Each ship will be on a base with a dial and accompanied by a Ship Card. The Card denotes three different statuses for each ship, normal operating, Yellow Alert, and Red Alert. Each status affects how your dial plays as well as how the game and your opponents interact with you.


  • 12 Highly detailed federation starships
  • 12 Highly detailed klingon starships
  • 24 Ship information cards
  • 50 Galaxy location tiles
  • 100 Federation command cards
  • 100 Klingon command cards
  • 50 Encounter Cards
  • 76 Mission Cards

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