King of Tokyo: Halloween Collector Pack 1

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King of Tokyo: Halloween Collector Pack 1 includes two new monsters for use with the King of Tokyo base game, Pumpkin Jack and Boogey Woogey. What's more, each monster comes with its own set of eight Evolution cards, first introduced in King of Tokyo Power Up!, so that each monster can mutate into an even more nightmarish version of itself!

King of Tokyo Halloween also includes six orange and black engraved dice, to fit the Halloween theme, of course, and twelve new Power cards to be shuffled into the deck. These cards are all Costumes, a new type of card that provides a powerful effect, but which can be stolen by any monster that rolls three claws and rips the costume off of you.

Game Contents:

  • 2 New monsters, boards, tokens and plastic stands
  • 16 Evolution cards
  • 12 Power cards
  • 1 Exclusive promo card
  • 6 Orange and black six sided dice
  • Rulebook

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