Ruckus: The Goblin Army Game

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Ruckus The Goblin Army Game is a tactical war game that introduces an innovative army formation mechanic to create fast, intense combat for 2-4 players. Players choose from one of four unique Goblin Guilds, each with a special set of skills and tactical advantages, and build their army to destroy anyone that stands in their way. As battles are won and lost, players gain Victory cards, Victory Points, or the ability to upgrade their army. Who will be victorious, the mighty Fighters, the cunning Thieves, the powerful Clerics, or the magical Necromancers?

To begin the game, players set up the Camp, the area of the game board housing Victory Point Tokens, action markers, the Kicker card deck, the Victory card deck, and the Upgrade deck. Next, players choose a Goblin Guild consisting of 25 units. In addition to the starting units of each Guild, players have 12 draft points to use in order to draft additional units to create their own unique army. All remaining units that are not drafted are combined to create the Upgrade deck.


  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 1st Player Token
  • 4 Battle Screens
  • 15 VP Tokens
  • 20 Action Markers
  • 120 Cards

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Goblin Army Games
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