Malifaux 2nd Edition: The Latigo Posse - Perdita Ortega Box Set

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Perdita Ortega's box comes with six models, including Perdita herself. Her older brother Francisco provides a dangerous melee counterpoint to the blazing guns of her other brother, Santiago. Papa Loco brings far more dynamite than any man truly needs to the fight, while the stealthy Nino watches over everything from a distance, picking off his enemies with careful precision. Permit's totem is the Enslaved Nephilim, which regretfully supports her crew as they hunt down its brethren.


  • Perdita Ortega Model
  • Enslaved Nephilim Model
  • Santiago Model
  • Nino Model
  • Francisco Model
  • Papa Loco Model
  • 6 Stat Cards
  • 8 Upgrade Cards

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