Pokémon Trading Card Game: Premium Collection - Mega Mawile-EX

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Beware the devious Mawile, a sweet looking Pokémon with powerful steel jaws, and Mega Mawile-EX has even more chomping power. Get the Mega Mawile-EX Premium Collection, and add the Deceiver Pokémon to your next game.


  • 1 Never before seen foil promo card featuring Mega Mawile-EX
  • 1 Never before seen foil promo card featuring Mawile-EX
  • 1 Mawile Spirit Link card to get this Mega Evolution Pokemon into play fast
  • 1 Mega Mawile collector's pin
  • 6 Pokemon Trading Card Games booster packs to mega expand your collection
  • 1 Foil oversize Mega Mawile-EX card
  • 1 Cool new Mega Mawile coin
  • A Code card for the Pokemon Trading Card Game online

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