In the midsts of the early 1980's an excited 8 year old opened his first Red Dungeons & Dragons box and immediately started to roll up his first character in front of a roaring fireplace, dreaming of the dungeons that lay ahead to explore. Over the years many other games and systems were played and a love of these games became so strong that his mother one day claimed that "he was living in a fantasy world".

Fast forwards 20 years and that 8 year old had a partner in crime, another game fanatic, albeit of the computer kind. For years they worked in retail for big companies, working hard but never really getting the recognition for the extra work they put in.

2009 the recession hit and the world crashed, redundancy hit the duo and an idea was born, to start up their own business, selling what they loved for themselves.

The name was created OG (Ol & Ge) Games and they started selling online, a club was created in South West London where the ethos was focused purely on fun not winning. The years passed and the business changed direction a few times, but now 6 years later and a move up north, we are now in our own store in York on the historical landmark street "Whip-Ma-Whop-Ma-Gate".

You can come in to play, learn and demo the latest and greatest board & card games, with various games nights and weekend events and carry on living in a fantasy world...