Cube Quest Clash For The Crown

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Mobilize your fingers for the ultimate six-sided skirmish in Cube Quest. Field an army of cubes and then place them strategically on the board. Each cube has special powers: Strikers and Skulks are strong on the attack, while Grunts are better on defence. Once your cubes are in position, sound the trumpets and let the flicking begin. Try to knock your opponent's king off the board, aiming carefully not to get caught behind enemy lines. Triumph in your quest and crown yourself the Cube King!

Have a look at the Cube Quest Facebook page where you'll see some brilliant videos of the game in action - including a 15 second 'one-flick win' from one of our retail partners. Keith from Henchmans - we salute you!

Why we love it

Some of us are old enough to remember crossbows and catapults!

It's not the one who flicks hardest that wins

Demands tactical skills

Winner of the Dad's Choice Award 2013

Number of players:

2 Players

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