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Bucket of Doom: Toxic Edition

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Your favourite storytelling card game is back, with more dark humour than ever AND a toxic twist.

Not familiar with the Bucket of Doom? Where have you BEEN?! This thrilling 17+ card game is one you really don’t want to lose. Let us explain:

Step 1: Read out one of the doom cards to discover what sort of mess you’re in – for example, let’s say you’re trapped in the Death Star garbage crusher and the walls are closing in.

Step 2: Take a look at your 8 useless object cards. These could be anything, from a severed finger or Heather Mills’ false leg, to a pantomime horse outfit or Elton John’s favourite toupee. Come up with a cunning escape plan and share it with your fellow players – remember to be convincing, inventive, and a little bit absurd.

Step 3: Vote on who had the best plan, the one with the most votes wins!

“But, Firebox,” you say. ”That doesn’t seem so bad. You said it’s a game you don’t want to lose!” Oh, we forgot to mention the player with the fewest votes has to take a deep inhale of a toxic canister full of Shit-Your-Pants® forfeit smell. How bad is it? Let’s just say there’s a reason why it’s a registered trademark.

If you can get past the extreme fear of losing, this game is hours of imaginative fun with some of the best replay value we’ve ever seen. Crap canister or no crap canister.

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