Magic: The Gathering - Game Night 2019

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Game Night is a portable, accessible, social Magic experience. It's perfect for board game meetups, or any invested Magic fan who wants to share their hobby with uninitiated friends - a way to introduce Magic in the familiar form of a board game.

This new 2019 version of the Game Night box will contain everything you will need to run a game of Magic and is made for casual multiplayer game play. This means that the cards cannot be used in sanctioned tournament play. Each Player gets to choose one of the five pre-constructed decks to play against friends.

• Game Night is an out-of-the-box introductory multiplayer Magic experience.
• Ideal for gaming groups to have their first Magic experience together.
• Includes 5 pre-constructed decks for out-of-the-box play.

• 5 x Spindown Life Counters
• 5 x Rules Reference Cards
• 5 x Life Counter Platforms
• 15 x Double-sided Tokens
• 20 x +1/+1 Counters
• 50 x 60 Card Decks
• 1 x Rulebook

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Wizards of the Coast
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