Ordered my product on Tuesday and it was in my hands by Thursday. Never expected it to arrive so fast.

Low prices and excellent customer service has ensured that OG Games is now my regular destination for gaming needs.
Finally bit the bullet and ordered Age of Empires from OG Games. What a great service. Customer support is excellent here. The item arrived in excellent condition being packed well.
Awesome site clean clear and easy to use, it like they have Mary Poppings bag they have everything you could ever want and if not ask and shall receive.

Service is excellent
prices are amazing
collection at the club, so you don't have to stay at home waiting and miss the post man
OG is great. Not only does it merge a really good shop with a cracking choice of products from various suppliers with a really fun and fulfilling forum where I can discuss with my peers, It also runs one of the best gaming clubs in London.

The guys that run OG are passionate about the hobbies they provide for and for me that makes the difference between shopping here and elsewhere.
Very reasonable prices, Top Service. Buy stuff from these people! I did, and will again soon :)
OG Games has become my online store of preference for all miniature purchases. There are two simple reasons behind this:
1. Competitive prices
2. Customer service - You'll be told when items are out of stock and the expected delivery times are accurate. If you have any queries you can just fire off an email or jump on the forum and you'll get a quick response. Anything not in stock you want, try asking and they might be able to get it for you.

With service like that I see no reason to go elsewhere.
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