Magic: The Gathering - M15

18 Jul 2014
by Geraldo Vieira

MTG Fans can rejoice as M15 is here. We have fat packs, deck builders and intro decks along with new playmats, binders and a massive restock of the fantastic Dragon Shield sleeves.

New Releases

08 Jul 2014
by Geraldo Vieira

This Fortnight sees new Waves for X-wing and Star Trek, The new Kaos Ball game from Cool Mini, new LCG expansions for LOTR, AGOT and Star Wars. We also have the new Star Wars RPG, Munchkin and Heroes of Normaide Expansions..

Preorder your MTG M15 cards now as well, release day looms....

New Postage

24 Jun 2014
by Geraldo Vieira

We have a new Postage system starting this week.

For £2.99 P&P you get 48 hour Guaranteed Delivery with Tracking, this will be our

standard postage from now on. There will also be an option for a 24 hour delivery upgrade.

We hope this massively improves the service we provide for UK Customers.


02 Jun 2014
by Geraldo Vieira


Yes, in order to grow the business, we have moved from London to York.

Please bear with us in the transition period as we move in, unpack etc

New Releases

02 May 2014
by Geraldo Vieira

This weekend we see loads of great new releases, for MTG fans, Journey into Nyx has arrived. Jinteki gets the love in the new Honour & Profit deluxe expansion for Android NetRunner. We also have the excellent new Street Fighter deck builder game in stock. Restocks of Ultra Pro Mana Flip Boxes and a new range of Dragon shield Sleeves, Mats and Deck boxes of all sizes.

New Releases

02 Apr 2014
by Geraldo Vieira

This week see's new packs for Netrunner and Star Wars LCG, great new boardgames including 'The Doom that came to Atlantic City'and 'Assassin's Creed' and a huge restock of Ultra Pro CCG accessories

Valentines Day

14 Feb 2014
by Geraldo Vieira

Born of the Gods is out now....

Born of the Gods

29 Jan 2014
by Geraldo Vieira

The new MTG set is almost here, pre-order your Born of the Gods goodies below

January Sale

16 Jan 2014
by Geraldo Vieira

This is the OG Games January sale.

Start off 2014 with some great games at amazing Sale prices.

New lines will be added every couple of days

Happy New Year

06 Jan 2014
by Geraldo Vieira

Happy New Year from everyone at OG Games

Xmas Postage Deadlines

13 Dec 2013
by Geraldo Vieira

Christmas postage Deadlines

  • Standard Delivery - Wednesday 18 December
  • First Class Delivery and Recorded Delivery - Friday 20 December
  • Special Delivery - Monday 23 December

The deadline for items on backorder is Tuesday 17th for Standard Delivery and Thursday 19th for First Class Delivery.

New Living Card Game Subscription Service

10 Aug 2013
by Geraldo Vieira

Check out our great new LCG Subscription Service, subscribe to the LCG (s) of your choice for 6-12 months, save ££ off the RRP if you do. We take the hassle out of keeping up to date with your fave LCG, just keep playing and every month listen out for the latest pack dropping on your door mat.