OG Games Club

02 Dec 2012
by Geraldo Vieira

OG Games Club Night has change to a new location, its on Monday and Thursday Nights, £2 to play at The Spread Eagle Pub, 69-71 Wandsworth High Street, London, SW18 2PT. Check the Challenges board for details....

Royal Mail Price Increases

30 May 2012
by Geraldo Vieira

We have kept our free UK shipping option as long as we could since we started the company. Now however after Royal Mail's huge price increase (upto 40% in some categories) this is now impossible.

However, we are only going to charge £1 per UK shipment, what ever the amount or weight you buy.

We feel this will be a tiny amount for our customers to pay but will enable us to still offer the most competitive discout prices around

Games Workshop

13 Sep 2011
by Geraldo Vieira

OG Games is currently carrying out a line count of all it's GW products.

Certain lines will also be streamlined and repriced.

There will be a few weeks where we will not be ordering in any new GW stock But you can of course purchase items we have in stock currently.

We apolgise for any inconvenience caused in the meantime

Xmas Shipping Dates

08 Dec 2010
by Geraldo Vieira

These are the dates for the various postage methods, to guarantee Xmas delivery in the UK For Foreign Dates, please check out the Royal Mail Website. Wed Dec 15th: Standard Parcels Sat Dec 18th: 2nd Class (this is our free postage method) Tue Dec 21st: 1st Class & Recorded Delivery Thu Dec 23rd: Special Delivery

Army Painter

17 Aug 2010
by Geraldo Vieira

After a short period, we now have a full range of Army Painter, Dips, spray paints and terrain features back in stock, perfect for those new bigger armies you need for WFB 8th ed amongst others

KR Multicase

28 Jun 2010
by Geraldo Vieira

OG Games is proud to announce that from this week onwards, we will be stocking the excellent KR Multicases, we will have a vareity of cases and foam in stock, all at 10% off RRP!

American Express

22 Jan 2010
by Geraldo Vieira

Please note our American Express system is down at the moment. Sorry for any inconvenience.

OG Games Club Night

13 Jan 2010
by Geraldo Vieira

OG Games Club Night on Monday's at the Kings Arms Pub 96 High street, Wandsworth, London, SW18 4LB, Check the Challenges board for details....

Happy New Year

31 Dec 2009
by Geraldo Vieira

Happy New Year from OG Games!

Please note shipping and support will resume as normal from Monday.

- The OG Games Team

OG Rewards

20 Dec 2009
by Geraldo Vieira

Jan 2010, will see the beginning of the OG Rewards scheme.

The simple premise being 100 OG Points = £1.00.

You earn points as you shop, these points can be redeemed as and when you like, no need to spend them straight away.

Also you can write a review once per month, so long as it is over 100 words and approved you will earn 100 points onto your account...


12 Dec 2009
by Geraldo Vieira

Where did you hear about us? If you do buy something from us, please add to the customer notes where you found out about us. This will really help us in the new year focus our advertising strategy.

Warfare 2009

06 Nov 2009
by Geraldo Vieira

We will have a stand at the the 2009 Warfare trade show, on the 21st & 22nd of November.


Why not come down and see us, we will be having a 40K sale with all 40K stock at cost price, one wknd only..

Along with all our boardgames, paints at great prices...