GW Stock

13 Sep 2009
by Geraldo Vieira

You may have noticed that we are a little light on certain GW lines at the moment. This is down to us having a re-structure on what GW products we sell. from now on we will not carry any 40K or LOTR products on the site. We will still offer discounted pre-orders on new releases and will do special orders for clubs , please PM me on the forum or contact me through the site for details.

As for WFB, we will be filling that section up over the next 2 weeks in time for Xmas, apart from the odd blister, we will only be stocking plastic models from now on..

Again contact me for any further details.



28 Aug 2009
by Geraldo Vieira

OG Games is going on the road. with me attending a load of tournies around the country over the next 3 months. Follow my exploits on Twitter.